D'Best Seasoning ®

Hello and thanks for visiting my store. My name is Don Myers and I offer you "D'Best Seasoning" from Myers Seasonings, LLC.

We are a very small family owned business located in Freeport Pennsylvania.

14 years ago, I was searching for a unique seasoning for chicken wings and French fries. After experimenting with several concoctions, I created D'Best Seasoning. D'Best Seasoning is a blend of special spices sure to please your taste buds.

Once I introduced my seasoning to my friends, the variety of foods they used D'Best Seasoning on exploded. D'Best Seasoning is absolutely great on everything as the label suggest.

My lovely wife Donna, after years of suggesting, convinced me to share with the world and so this website began.

I hope you enjoy my spice as many have and do on a regular basis. I will be posting recipes on the site occasionally so you can experience D'Best Seasoning in many different ways.

Feel free to submit a favorite recipe you put together using my spice, and if I post it for others to enjoy, Ill be sure to send you some "FREE" seasoning.

Once again, thank you very much for visiting my store and I hope you enjoy my products.



Don Myers


Myers Seasonings, LLC